Healthy Aging: It’s Not About Fighting Age, It’s About Maintaining Values

Everyone ages differently — some may have annoying aches, start losing hair rapidly or find they aren’t as mobile as they once were. Some health conditions require that you “use it or lose it” while the outcome of others is that if you overuse it, you can lose it. The point is, don’t just let aging creep up on you. You know it’s coming, so make a plan to be as prepared as possible.

While no one knows how their body will age, very few people go through life without encountering some health issues. Whether cancer or arthritis, the body has a way of slowing us down whether we want to or not. Consider your personal values regarding health. Do you want to eat a healthier diet? Would you like to shed a few pounds? What type of exercise do you actually enjoy doing, and how feasible is it to continue doing those activities in your 80s or even 90s?

Set goals and develop a regular, disciplined plan for how you approach every day in retirement. Be vigilant — don’t give up — even on days when your mind is tired and your body aches. Remember that exercise and good nutrition actually make you feel better, which ultimately is what you want. So don’t look at a retirement fitness and health care regimen as a futile battle to fight old age, look at it as a way to set and maintain your lifestyle values.