Essential Money Questions

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Major unknowns accompany every major life transition, whether it’s the transition from school to the working world, from the single life to the married life, from childlessness to parenthood, or from the working world to retirement. Today’s show sheds light on questions people should be asking in advance of the transition to retirement, and provides suggestions for how to go about answering those questions. Because the more a person can define and gain clarity around the big retirement questions, and do so well before the actual transition begins, the more confident they can be entering into the next phase of life.

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Financial professionals like us thrive on helping people put their retirement finances back on track. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer who’s strayed off the retirement planning path, or if you just feel like it’s time to get a fresh perspective on the retirement path you’re on, the first step is to call our office at 855-822-7100 for a customized analysis.

This customized assessment will help uncover areas where there’s opportunity to help grow your retirement nest egg, so it provides enough income for as long as you need it. The analysis also includes:

  • An honest evaluation of how much you have saved for retirement.
  • How much risk your assets are exposed to.
  • Your retirement goals.
  • How much income you might need to support those goals.

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